BREWWOOD, pivovarna d.o.o.

Podgorska ulica 49
1330 Kocevje

+386-40-529-866 – Domen
+386-41-390-474 – Grega


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    Shipping costs?

    Free local deliveryKočevje and Ribnica with surroundings

    Free – Slovenia Minimum order 1 crate of beer (24 bottles)

    Delivery cost 3€ Minimum order 6 bottles

    More informations about delivery in terms and conditions.

    How log it takes for delivery?

    Delivery time is different for each product. You can check delivery options for each product.
    Delivery for beer is 2-3 days. Apparel and other promo materials usually takes 5-10 days.

    Can I also buy beer at the brewery?

    Yes, by prior arrangement, because the brewery does not have regular operating hours. Arrangement possible at the above contacts.

    BREWWOOD d.o.o.

    Podgorska ul. 49, 1330 Kocevje, Slovenija
    Working hours, pickup possible by prior arrangement