Tour of the brewery and tasting of our kraft beer

Brewery tours and tastings are currently not carried outdue to measures to prevent the spread of the SARS-CoV.

However, you can contact us and arrange an appointment after the release of the measures

Thank you for your understanding!

All craft beer lovers, as well as all others who have not yet entered the world of beer, are invited to visit us and taste the wide range of flavors offered by beer.

We are happy to show you our small brewery in Kočevje, explain the brewing procedures, the importance of the ingredients and everything else that will interest you.

Of course, we will accompany everything with a tasting of our beerand brewer’s snacks.

A tour and tasting is suitable for small groups of friends, family or other groups of up to 15 people.

Participants in beer tasting has to be legal drinking age.

The length of the tour, number of beers and the additional food offer can be adjusted to each group according to your wishes.

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What you will learn on the tour and tasting


Different tastes of beer

With a guided tasting of BREWWOOD craft beers, you will step into the wonderful world of different beer flavors.

Beer can have many different flavors and aromas and is much more than just a relatively bitter drink. You may be surprised by the fresh fruity, tropical flavors and aromas, which can be extremely noticeable, or you might be more enthusiastic about the chocolate or coffee notes of dark beers.


Brewing equipment and process

Would you like to know what equipment you need to brew beer and and learn about brewing process.

We will show you our equipment, explain how brewing takes place and how certain procedures affect the final result in beer.


Main ingredients in beer and additional spices

Most know the 4 basic ingredients of beer: water, malt (barley, wheat), hops and yeast. But how much do you know about the other ingredients that can be found in beer: oatmeal, orange and lemon peel, coriander, cocoa, coffee, lactose, and the list goes on.

We will explain to you what is their basic purpose in beer and how the taste depends on the ingredients themselves.

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“Beer, it’s the best damn drink in the world”

Jack Nicholson

Come and visit BREWWOOD Brewery

Price list for beer tasting and tour

Price list - tasting & tour

No. of visitors Price / person
1 visitor 13,00 €
2 – 4 visitors 10,00 €
5 – 10 visitors 7,00 €
10 – 15 visitors 6,00 €

* Tour, tasting of 5 beers, brewery snacks, duration approx. 90-120 min

Book a tour and tasting

The tour and tasting program can be adapted to your wishes and, above all, to your previous knowledge of beer and brewing.

If your wish is to expand the program and learn more about the beer itself, brewing process or ingredients, we are happy to fulfill your wishes Even groups that would like a shorter tour and presentations can also come forward.

We also offer

  • Beer tasting at your location
  • Training of catering staff
  • Catering (weddings, concerts, cultural events)

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